I'm Thinking of Coming Back To Runescape


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Just lost everything falling for an enticement. I need urgent help!

Like the title says, I was sitting at the GE waiting for items to sell and as I was waiting I saw the spam bots that are always out there. Bored I decided to just see what it was all about. Long story short I got back to the OSRS website and logged in. Unfortunately for me it wasn't the real thing. I can't believe this happened. I should've never even clicked on it. It looked just like the OSRS website and I was just logging back in. When I got back on my account I was totally wiped out. 11 Million gone plus all of my armor and sword. If anyone has extra stuff I would really appreciate it. Lesson learned.

I'm thinking of returning to runescape, gave my only main item away a few years back, anyone have a alt or something they'd be happy with me using?

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Free stuff needed

Sooo.. I used to play runescape back in 2004-2010... Just started back up and really would see if anyone wants to give away anything?? Just send me a pm.. Have 95 mage n 40 range so far but 0 money lol see ya peeps


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