New World's Steam Reviews are now 'mostly Positive'

Now that the dust is settling on Amazon Games' New World The real feelings of players about the new PC game are coming to the fore. Another indicator of this sentiment is the change in New World's Steam reviews from 'Mixed to 'Mostly Positive.

Recent reviews have praised the PvP and the Runescape-like aspect of the crafting and gathering gameplay loop. Some even compare New World as it is now to what World of Warcraft felt like in the early days. "This is the most immersive MMO I've played in a long time," one reviewer says. "Very Classic WoW vibe with OSRS abilities. Level 29 as of 71 hours. Chat is very competitive and there is a lot of drama. However, PvP can be quite fun. Really cool map and sound design. There are some audio or graphic glitches occasionally. This is a great game for the vanilla version of Amazon's flagship MMO. But it could be much better in time."

New World isn't entirely out of the woods yet, though. Some of the more negative reviews focus on what some players feel is an absence of narrative as well as a lack of passion and soul, and a tedious playing experience for leveling. One reviewer concluded that "New World" has some interesting ideas, but overall feels shallowly and soulless (yet somehow I'm still playing).

Even close to two weeks after its release, New World is pulling in plenty of players on Steam. Nine days ago, the game surpassed the all-time record of 913,634 users and continues to reach the peak of 600,000 concurrents on a 24-hour basis, according to SteamDB.

Naturally, this has led to problems with servers. Amazon has added more server transfers to ease the issue. You'll be able to get one free server transfer this week to connect you with your buddies if you have to go to another region to play. New World's server transfer won't allow you to change regions. Many games like New World thrive better when played with friends. It's an excellent way to find out the direction that things take.

We took a look at the MMORPG and had similar thoughts. In our New World review, we noticed that its "stellar crafting experience and surprisingly slick combat aren't enough to overcome the flaws in New World's boring and difficult quest design".