Because it's so Difficult to Do

RuneScape is an old game that is very popular. This game is still played by more than a million players, though there are many other games that have more appealing graphics. Many wonder why runescape is so well-known.

One reason it is popular is because it is free to play. This is a great incentive for those who do not want to pay monthly fees to access online games. Many people don't have the time nor the money to pay a monthly cost which is why they can find similar ones through runescape.

There are still millions of players. This means that there's always someone to play with. Perhaps a friend or family member who is still playing the game. It is always a pleasure to have someone else who is enjoying the same game.

it's very hard to achieve everything in the game. Some people like finishing everything before moving on. It's difficult to do so many people put in hours of work to complete it.

But, even with bad graphics however, it is a great game. The players are becoming more sophisticated and aware that the quality of a game that is enjoyable to play is more important than a game with stunning graphics, but lacking in other areas.

The game can be played in your browser. There is a semblance of the Java version that is popular with people using any operating system will be able to log on and play. This is great because you do not have to install anything and can play on any computer that is connected to the internet.

multiplayer in the game isn't the best but it's pretty decent. The game is balanced, as are other games however, it's still a fun player to player over the other games.