Milan Lucic might get on his method back to the Bruins


    Dust off the old jackets, we may be heading for another trip on the nostalgia train!Multiple records indicate that previous Bruins Milan Lucic, a pending unrestricted cost-free representatives, may get on his back to the Bruins as soon as totally free agency opens. Hearing possible get-together with Milan Lucic and the Boston Bruins. Rick Dhaliwal June 28, 2023As reported 1st below, Lucic to the Bruins will certainly happen. Rick Dhaliwal June 28, 2023With Milan Lucic free to talk to groups in advance of free agency opening up Saturday, it seems like a reunion with the Boston Bruins is a likelihood Hampus Lindholm Jersey. Chris Johnston June 28, 2023Unfortunately for Skies, who implored the Bruins not to do it in his freelance forwards item, this might actually be happening. Lucic turned 35 this month and is very much on the back-nine of his fantastic NHL career. He had 7 objectives and 12 assists in 77 ready Calgary last period, all while averaging the most affordable TOI of his career. If Lucic is to return, it will likely be for around the organization minimum income and an one-year deal. His previous function as a scoring power forward is possibly out of reach, and he 'd such as be entrusted a lot more with fourth-line duty. There are a number of means to consider this step: inexpensive option on the 4th line, "heaviness" feedback to the playoff departure, a waste of a place that could most likely to a young player, etc. We'll likely dispute that for the whole period if the step concerns fruition. Nothing can be announced up until July 1 with Lucic, of program. According to a resource, there are still things to be worked out contractually. steve conroy June 28, 2023If nothing else, Lucic's return would give a shock to a fanbase still reeling from the playoff flame-out Wayne Cashman Jersey. Free firm formally opens on July 1 - it may be time for another edition of "one last ride on the fond memories train. "