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If you wish to see those, you can strike the stage zoom button to the right of your chat box to zoom to a particular a screen. You can strike the plus icon button above that screen. If you take place to see no slides or a gray slide hit the refresh icon at the top of the right-hand man corner of that screen to remedy.

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As discussed the last section of our fireside chat is a continuation of our Q&A. Ought to you wish to ask any concerns during our discussion, you can enter your concerns by scanning the QR code provided on the screen with your phone, or go to slideo. com and key in the event code, EXPI Q3.


This screen will remain up on the left hand side of the phase so that you can see the questions. At this time, I would like to turn the fireside chat over to Glenn Sanford and Justin Ages to start the earnings discussion.-- Founder and Ceo, Hello, Courtney, thank you really much for that intro.

And Justin, I'm going to kind of turn it over to you to ask some questions and after that we'll continue on with the numerous other speakers.-- Analyst, Great, thanks, Glenn and to the introduction, Courtney. So it's great to be here with you and the rest of management in this world that you developed.

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So I think simply another quarter of strong outcomes really speaks to what you're doing in terms of enabling and incentivizing representatives and growing the brokerage. try here believe that all resonates in the industry and draws in more skills, which drives a lot more success. But onto the first question, as we start here on the EXPI School, I consider bears discussing that EXPI has actually been type of operating this Metaverse for many years and recently there has been a great deal of attention on virtual truth where people are interacting with each other, however how has EXPI as virtual campus benefited the customers simply due to the fact that you guys seem to be at the leading edge of that.