List of Minecraft Dungeons that are Unique Armor And Weapons

List of Minecraft Dungeons Unique weapons and armor

Minecraft Dungeons has every unique weapon and armor that is available.

imageMinecraft Dungeons introduces a new direction for Microsoft's blockbuster franchise that offers a role-playing experience centered on fighting mobs and grinding for equipment. It's a more casual version of loot-driven, Dungeon crawling, which Diablo is known for.

The distinctive features of the Minecraft Dungeons arsenal come via sought-after high-end Unique gear, each featuring distinct designs and in-game abilities. We've compiled every Unique weapon and piece of armor that we've discovered in the past, since the launch.

For information about where these can drop, consult the loot table over here. For instance, if you are looking for a specific sword search for areas where swords might drop, and other places. All Uniques have a chance to drop from the Blacksmith too.

Minecraft Dungeons loot tables

imageEnter the Dungeon

Minecraft gets taller and reaches higher.

Minecraft Dungeons is a blend of the familiar world we all grew to love and a dash of Diablo. It's very enjoyable. Available on every platform you're playing, for a ridiculously affordable price, what's not there to love?

Unique Axes

From cutting wood to epic battles, the swing of the axe means substantial damage in Minecraft Dungeons. Different axes can be equipped with head augmentations and elemental upgrade options. The deadly spin attack moves can be used to destroy enemies in the immediate area.

Unique Daggers

Daggers are swift and can be used to slash any kind of enemy. Dual wielding is possible because of the blade's single-handed nature. This can double the force per swipe.

Unique Gauntlets

When fights get close and personal, these gauntlets leave marks with every punch. Make your fists into deadly machines, including unique combos to increase damage.

Unique Glaives

Glaives can be used to hit multiple times with the added benefit of having being more effective than other options. You can take advantage of their damage and other advantages while remaining safe from some enemies.

Unique Hammers

These magical hammers can have ripple effects on gameplay and create supernatural forces to control and damage enemies. Take an enormous swing and watch the destruction unfold.

Unique Maces

These medieval weapons are powerful in Minecraft Dungeons. This unique weapon allows for crowd control and healing while taking down enemies with just a few hits.

Unique Pickaxes

The signature of past Minecraft experiences is back in Dungeons, but this time, it's repurposed from its cave-digging origins. The sharp head can cause serious damage, with slow but confident swings.

Unique Scythes

The scythe is a must-have tool for any soul-gathering explorer helps to retrieve souls from the dead.

Unique Sickles

Two of these terrifying sickles can be held hand-in-hand and used to slice through enemy groups.

Unique Spears

Throw obstacles your path with these spears, capable of causing massive damage. Additionally, you will benefit of an extended melee reach, keeping safe distances from the target.

Unique Swords

These blades are the perfect weapon for any Minecraft warrior. They are focused on swift, agile damage. With a broad spectrum of swords, whether defined by speed, power or other unique capabilities, you can't go wrong with a razor-sharp companion.

Unique Bows

For the shrewd fighter in the group, bows are rewarded for lining up the shot and precision. You can cause devastating results by charging the bow with various abilities and enchantments diversifying the strategy.

Unique Crossbows

Crossbows are a great method to destroy your ammunition collection. Although crossbows aren't as elegant than traditional bows, timing and accuracy are still crucial.

Unique Armor

The world of Minecraft Dungeons also features a large selection of armor that includes various performance enhancements over your selected weapons. Find the right armor for you, as well as the most effective enhancements.

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