99 Firemaking on the same Day


Skill mastery is achieved by reaching the level 99 of any skill. To reach the level 99 mark, you must have at least 13,034,431 skills knowledge. Invention requires 36,073,511 to reach the level of mastery in a skill. Level 99 is the highest-level in the majority of skills. Invention, Slayer and Farming are the only three skills that have a maximum of 120 (referred as true skill mastery). This is achieved at 104.273,167 experience (80.618,654 in Invention). The current maximum total level is 2,898 (level 99 in all skills and levels 120 in Dungeoneering, Invention, Slayer Farming, Herblore, and Archaeology). Every person can hear a distinct fireworks sound at the time they reach level 99 in any skill.

Members reaching level 99 in a skill are entitled to wear a skillcape. These capes can be bought from an individual skill master for 99,000 coins. Every skillcape gives access to an exclusive emote. They can be used to temporarily increase the skill's level to 100. Each skillcape comes with its own perk. Some are activated by right-clicking on the cape, whereas others are passive. When a player reaches level 99 in more skills than one, their skillcapes become cut.

Players with a skill level 99 could see the experience required to achieve level 100 before the update to the Skill Interface. Players are now able to view the experiences required to achieve level 120 using the update to virtual levels.

In RuneScape Classic, the maximum level for all players was 1,782. The highest level currently stands at 2,898.


1 Announcements 2 The first players to reach level 99. 2.1 Ironmen or Hardcore Ironmen


When a player achieves level 99 in a skill, a message will appear the other players on the same server. However, one may only see another player's achievements if they have the 'Broadcast Messages' button enabled, located next to the trade and assist button. Broadcasts may be disabled by toggling the 'Broadcast Messages' button.

Achieving level 120 in Dungeoneering, Invention, Slayer, Herblore, Farming, or Archaeology, reaching 99 in every skill or gaining the right to wear the Completionist cape or its reduced version will be announced on all of RuneScape's servers by default in red text. The first person to achieve an achievement on a regular, ironman or hardcore ironman account will receive the world a broadcast. Congratulations to [Player]!

A player who reaches a 99 will have their private chat set to at the very least on friends'. This announcement will be sent in green text to all logged in players on their list of friends, regardless of whether or whether they are currently on the server.

First players to reach the level 99

When the level 99 skills first appeared players with these stats were usually well-known all over the world.


Community because they were among the few who had achieved skill mastery.

Below is a chronology of all players who reached level 99 or 120 in their specific level of.

1. a b Attack Strength, Strength, and Defence did not appear on the hiscores until 2004. This made it difficult to determine who had achieved 99 in these skills. Cowchicken and Dragoon 787 supposedly reached level 99 Firemaking the same day.

Ironmen and Hardcore Ironmen

First players to achieve maximum skill totals

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These numbers only include players listed on the hiscores.


These numbers are only for ironmen players who are included in the hiscores.


Parties that players often host with their friends to celebrate their accomplishments in mastering a skill. Usually, they do this in their own house owned by them. This was extremely common prior to 2013, when mastering a skill was a rarer accomplishment for a person to achieve.

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