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2009 Vue Thermostat Sensor P0128 Question

It leads to catastrophe when it isn’t working correctly. As the Engine Hot AC Off warning happens for the overheating of the automobile engine, you shouldn't drive your car before fixing it. The engine of your automobile is an important half which may get sizzling for a number of causes. Heating the automotive engine causes plenty of issues just like the warning of “Engine Hot AC off”.

When the AC compressor failed, of course, your AC vent will not ship chilly air inside the car. And it no longer circulates refrigerant in your air situation system. You will realize the temperature fluctuates and some unusual noise out of your automotive. Notably, overheating is the top explanation for engine deaths globally. Thus, you should take immediate motion when your engine overheats.

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My wife's 2009 Vue XE (4 pace automated, 2.4L L4, FWD) lately displayed an "Engine sizzling AC off" message returning residence from work. The coolant reservoir was on the add line, so stuffed it again up and took it for a test drive. No error message, and engine temp ran about 160, so informed her to only keep monitoring the temp for some time. About a week later the message returned, and the engine temp read zero. This time I took it right down to auto elements store and so they pulled a P0128 code. However, on this case I would expect the sprint gauge to learn high and the followers to return on immediately upon startup or shall I say once the automotive enters closed loop control.
engine hot ac off
If the electrical cooling fan can’t function or work properly, the automobile engine could overheat and stop. The cooling fan may cease for radiator disablement or burn it out. It could be fastened by changing the coolant temperature sensor and the thermostat. The temperature adjustments randomly, so you need to repair it ASAP. The amount of heat generated when the engine is operating might be discharged by the cooling system to the setting. The cooling fan has a problem that causes sizzling air in the engine compartment to not escape, resulting in excessive engine temperature.

What Is The “engine Scorching Ac Off” Light?

And if its a hole in the radiator hose, you would patch it with insulating tape as you rigorously drive to the nearest storage. While turning up the heat might sound illogical, it can assist ease the stress on the engine for some time. This helps pull up some of the heat out of your engine bay to the cabin, thus cooling down the engine and permitting you to drive for a brief distance. When When you need a huge SUV that may maintain its personal, come what might, you’ll be happiest with a GMC Yukon. Although the inside of one of these autos can sometimes resemble an upscale hotel room, the 2012 GMC...

  • Started around 80 and ramped up to 156-ish after a couple of miles then held there for the subsequent a number of miles, because it did before.
  • Once the radiator is clear, you should be succesful of flip the AC off and the engine should stay cool.
  • While they are by no means going to get the amazing gas mileage...
  • It may be fastened by replacing the coolant temperature sensor and the thermostat.
  • In order to keep away from overheating the engine, your automobile wants periodic upkeep.
  • About a week later the message returned, and the engine temp learn zero.