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Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Spinal Stem Cell Therapy for Beginners

That suggests your own cells can be used to assist recover your body, without the risk of rejection that can accompany other treatments. At Microsurgical Spinal Column Center, we use adult stem cells stem cells taken from your own body. We draw out adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) from your own bone marrow.

You are not a prospect if your back degeneration has gone so far that your spinal column is structurally damaged. For example, if you have extreme scoliosis or if you have actually broken your back, your spine is not structurally sound. Stem cell injections are recommended for patients who have early to middle-range degeneration.

To discover if you are a prospect for stem cell injections, come in for an assessment. Are stem cell injections safe? Stem cell injections utilizing your own stem cells are considered safe. While there is always a risk of an injection triggering bleeding, infection, or nerve damage, there is no opportunity of an allergy with stem cell injections utilizing your own stem cells.

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For how long do stem cell injections take? Stem cell injections are a quick in-office procedure at Microsurgical Spine Center that usually takes about an hour. It starts with a consultation with among our doctors to effectively evaluate and identify your pain in the back. You will be able to leave right away after the injection and will start to see arise from the injection in 4-6 weeks.

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The procedure is a fast in-office treatment with minimal discomfort. There will be some localized pain around the injection site, similar to any shot After your quick, in-office treatment, you will have the ability to leave right away and resume day-to-day activities. Results are typically discovered four to six weeks after injection.

We were the very first to perform stem cell injections for the treatment of back pain in the state of Washington. Contact us online or call 253-841-8939 to schedule an assessment.

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Stem Cells: What are they? Stem cells are cells within your body that can be divided and differentiated to have particular functions. They are discovered in adult tissues and can be broken down into 2 categories, embryonic stem cells, and adult stem cells. When looking for Find Out More Here , your doctor can extract these cells and use them as a repair work system for injured muscles or nerves.