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The very first effective use of it was by David Berkoff. At the 1988 Olympics, he swam most of the 100 m backstroke race underwater and broke the world record in the distance during the preliminaries. I Found This Interesting to use the technique was Denis Pankratov at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, where he completed practically half of the 100 m butterfly underwater to win the gold medal.

In addition, FINA revealed in 2014 that a single dolphin kick can be included to the breaststroke pullout prior to the very first breaststroke kick. While the dolphin kick is primarily seen in middle-distance freestyle events and in all ranges of backstroke and butterfly, it is not normally used to the very same impact in freestyle sprinting.


There, Amaury Leveaux set new world records of 44. 94 seconds in the 100 m freestyle, 20. 48 seconds in the 50 m freestyle and 22. 18 in the 50 m butterfly. Unlike the rest of the rivals in these events, he spent a minimum of half of each race immersed utilizing the dolphin kick.

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5 metres (8. 2 ft) wide. They will be equipped with starting blocks at both ends of the pool and most will have Automatic Officiating Devices, consisting of touch pads to tape-record times and sensing units to guarantee the legality of relay takeovers. The pool needs to have a minimum depth of 2 metres.

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A lot of these pools have 8, and even 6, instead of 10 lanes and some will be 25 metres (82 feet) long, making them Brief course. World records that are set in brief course pools are kept different from those embeded in long course swimming pools due to the fact that it might be an advantage or downside to swimmers to have more or less turns in a race.

In worldwide competition and in club swimming in Europe, the brief course (25m) season lasts from September to December, and the long course (50m) season from January to August with open water in the summertime. These regulations are slowly being given competition in North America. Since right now, in club, school, and college swimming in the United States and Canada, the brief course (25 lawns) season is much longer, from September to March.