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What you need to learn about piercing small ears, from the choice to take the plunge to caring for them later. It might be early, it might be later, but at some time your kid will likely get her (or his) ears pierced. If it's been a while considering that you've had the procedure done or you never got your own ears pierced it may help to brush up on a few of what it involves.

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In some cultures, it's standard that an infant woman gets her ears pierced almost immediately. It's extensively accepted in Latino and African-American communities and the practice is becoming more popular in others. If you avoid piercing your infant's ears, it's probably best to wait until she or he is old enough and accountable enough to look after the piercings as they heal.


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You'll understand if your child is all set. What's included Depending upon where you go, it may be an air gun "shooting" the earring through the lobe. You can likewise find places that do it with a needle. Wherever you go, ensure everything is sterilized and the practitioner is wearing surgical gloves.

Consult your doctor prior to piercing your child's ears. For infants, a lot of health specialists encourage waiting up until the infant has her or his very first tetanus shot. And the very first set of earrings must be 18K or 14K yellow gold, surgical steel or platinum posts with screw-on backs instead of the more common push-on backs.

The posts need to also be much shorter than those on grownups' earrings there's simply not as much space in between their small lobes and heads. Older kids ought to also have 18K or 14K yellow gold, surgical-grade steel or platinum posts choose a metal that's devoid of nickel or only has trace amounts.

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For anybody of any age who's gotten a piercing, the earring needs to remain in the ear for 4 to 6 weeks to allow the hole to recover. During piercing guide for parents , the piercing ought to be cleaned a couple times a day with a disinfectant and a fresh cotton ball or cotton swab.