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Help me to calmly and diplomatically negotiate the assistance I require from them, successfully interacting how they can motivate me towards success. Amen. Bread of Life, assist me to keep in mind that I don't reside on bread (or any other food) alone, but on every word that continues from Your mouth.

Help me to reorganize my top priorities, so that delighting in Your Word takes precedence over what I'm going to eat. May my earnest appetite for You trigger my physical hunger to go away. Amen. Lord my Strength, I have actually been exercising and carefully monitoring what I eat. I have dropped weight, and now the scale has actually stopped moving.

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I need Your strength to stand firm through this plateau. I request for Your assistance in assessing why this is taking place, and if I require to change what and when and just how much I'm consuming and whether I require to exercise more. Please help me see this situation clearly and create a strategy to break through this plateau so I can reach my goal.

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God Almighty, I'm having a tough time managing hunger discomforts. Help me to execute solutions to this issue, such as eating fewer carbs, eating more high fiber foods, chewing sugarless gum, drinking great deals of water or calorie-free beverages, high-intensity cardio workouts, preventing excessive time watching television where I feel like I require to consume, and remaining busy to get my mind off my hunger.

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Please divert my urges for food and offer me the determination to lose the weight I require to lose. Amen. God in whom I trust, I have a rather sluggish metabolism, that makes slimming down a difficulty. More In-Depth hope that You will assist me in the finest techniques for increasing my metabolism so that my body burns calories quicker.

Help me include high-intensity exercise to my aerobic workout. Assist me remain hydrated, include spicy food in my meals, eat more protein and less carbohydrates, consume coffee and green tea without sugar, and avoid taking in too few calories. Amen. Natalie Regoli is a kid of God, dedicated other half, and mom of 2 young boys.

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Natalie has been released in numerous national journals and has been practicing law for 18 years.