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At Thrive Chiropractic and Health, we encourage you to call us today to establish a visit and find out more about us. We'll make certain you have the understanding you need to make good choices about your health. Our work as chiropractic practitioners is designed to assist you live a healthy life in Corrales, NM and we aim to make our services accessible.

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Thrive Chiropractic is owned and operated by Dr. Zak Jenniches. He has been a lifelong resident of Lower Burrell, PA and has been practicing in the Pittsburgh region for over ten years. Dr. Zak is a 2011 graduate of New york city Chiropractic College, where he specialized in disc injuries, soft tissue therapies, and extremity adjusting.

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Zak has worked with patients of all ages and sizes, consisting of infants and expert athletes. What makes his treatments so different from other chiropractors, is his dedication to figuring out the source of pain and not just concealing symptoms with "cookie-cutter" changes. Dr. Zak understands that not every patient is the same and will always keep your healthcare goals his top priority.

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Reverse wrinkles, loss of hair, impotence, peripheral neuropathy, degenerative joints, and other problems associated with aging with Regenerative Cellular Therapies, PRP, Nutritional IVs, and more.

At Thrive Chiropractic we attain quick, long-lasting spinal correction by integrating sensitive neuro-diagnostic testing and specific chiropractic changes. This powerful mix works together to enhance nerve function, movement, and balance. Find Out More Here or injury can cause the bones of the spine to misalign and block back nerves. Organ function depends upon info traveling from our brain over the nerves.

Neurologists and orthopedic surgeons routinely refer their patients to Flourish Chiropractic based on our distinct method to persistent problems such as migraines and headaches, herniated discs, back stenosis, and neuropathy. A one-size fits all rehabilitation program can be damaging and seldom works long-lasting. At Thrive Chiropractic you are examined as a specific and a tailored back correction program is developed for your specific needs.

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At Thrive Chiropractic, we provide our practice members hope. Whether you have actually been injured, struggle with chronic discomfort or feel great and wish to take a proactive method to staying active, our Westlake Village chiropractic specialists have the experience and competence to assist you reach your objectives. A number of our practice members come to us as a last option, after attempting other medical professionals, over the counter remedies and prescription drugs, and Dr.