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The FSB declared that the "Russia-Ukraine war has enhanced pre-existing issues" it has worrying the "development and possible illicit use of cryptoassets."

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In case you had not heard, the metaverse is coming. Maybe Facebook will construct part of it. Maybe it's currently here, in the form of video games such as Fortnite, digital antiques referred to as non-fungible tokens and even cryptocurrencies. Possibly there will be more than one metaverse; maybe there won't ever actually be any.

What is clear, nevertheless, is that we are suggested to consider this amorphous metaverse as a place of infinite marvel and possibility. It is envisaged by techno-utopians as an interconnected web of virtual worlds in which our "digital twins" can wander about purchasing virtual art, attending virtual gigs and having virtual relationships.

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"It's not about the commerce behind it, however belonging where individuals from different parts of the world can. have a chance for prosperity." Apparently Meta, Kovan has no interest in making a land-grab for this new sphere, never ever mind that his pseudonym may come from a partial translation from Tamil to imply "king of the metaverse" or that he might run one of the world's most significant NFT funds.

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NFTs representing plots of virtual "land" in the metaverse have actually already been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of cryptocurrency. One business offering such virtual goodies is Somnium Area, purchased by Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg's old rivals, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss these days much better known for being bitcoin billionaires.

"The race for the metaverse is on!" one sibling tweeted. He provided the game away. As far as Try This 'm worried, the hypocritical dream that underpins crypto also lies at the heart of the metaverse. This isn't about constructing a decentralised paradise where everybody can prosper and reside in harmony; this is about making a little group of people rich."The metaverse is a marketing offensive," states Janet Murray, a professor of digital media at the Georgia Institute of Innovation and author of Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Story in Cyberspace.