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9. Message In A Bottle These miniature bottles come in a box or floating in a frame. Either way, you can have "You're going to be a father" or a similar message on a note inside the bottle. 10. The Very Best Dish Meal up dinner on a pregnancy announcement meal.

11. Chalk, Not Bored Simple can be wonderful. Write your news on a chalkboard for him. 12. Back-Up's Here Present him with a cute pair of booties and the news that your hero's about to get a sidekick. 13. Record The Moment Establish a photoshoot, compose your news on a letterboard, and have the photographer capture your spouse's face when he turns around.

Rhyme Time Leave the favorable test on the table with a rhyme. 15. Float The Idea Tie a note to a helium balloon, making sure the note is at eye level, and use a set of child shoes to weigh the balloon down. Set the entire thing up so he finds it as quickly as he walks in the door.

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Sweeten The News This note might choose a box of donuts, a package of sweet, or any of your husband's favorite guilty indulgences. 17. Accent This bottle opener makes a charming accompaniment for the beer label pregnancy statement. Alternatively, it will work simply as well on its own. 18.

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19. Link To His Pastime The "child boots in a box" idea can be personalized to deal with many hobbies, particularly if they include partners or buddies of some kind. 20. A Badge Of Pride You could reveal your pregnancy to your spouse by merely providing him this pin-back badge.

21. A Sincere Poem No certain profession or pastime is required for this keychain to be an unique pregnancy announcement surprise for your spouse. 22. Official Info Here 's No Joke Buy your other half a "Dad Jokes" book and inform him he only has a few months to practice telling them. 23. Ready For Task You can either buy this diaper altering apron ready-made or put one together yourself.

24. At The Bottom Telling your other half you're anticipating by utilizing among these pregnancy expose mugs is a great way to improve his morning coffee. 25. Scratch Card Surprise Provide your partner among these oh-so-cute scratch cards to inform him your lives will change forever. 26.