What ways you can make your home the safest place?

    Shane Robert

    While burglaries occur throughout the year, security professionals say that the Christmas season is an exceptionally high time for crime in most parts of the nation from November through January. It's a good idea to slow down or prevent burglars as much as possible since they will be out of your house in six minutes or less.

    Here are a few pointers to help you avoid having your house broken into. This information will offer you peace of mind and also reduce the possibility that you will have to replace expensive items. Also, you will experience the credible benefits by allowing the professionals like Slotenmaker to do the jobs so that you can rest easy.

    Your doors and windows should be locked

    Breaking inside my father's home, the intruders forced through the sunroom entrance. Getting inside the home was simple since he hadn't secured the sunroom's windows.

    Always keep the locks on your doors and windows tight. And by all windows, I mean the ones on the outside, as well as the ones on the 23 percent of break-ins, happen via first-floor windows, according to experts.

    This means that safeguarding them is essential. For $25, you can get a wireless alarm kit that will sound an alert if a window or door is opened. This is a low-cost solution to safeguard your home's weak spots. Side doors and garage doors should also be secured.

    Install Deadbolts with Double Keys

    According to statistics compiled by security companies, 34% of all burglaries occur via the front entrance. In other words, protecting your front door will pay dividends no matter how much money you spend.

    Deadbolts with two keys are those that need a key to unlock as well as enter. This point will prevent any thief to enter the house as it will be challenging for them to get your valuables out unless they knock the door down.

    Double-key deadbolts can be used in the case of an emergency, like a fire, since they may be hazardous. Before putting in a new one, give this some serious thought. Keep the critical handy to the door and in an area that is simple to remember if you decide to put one in.

    Patio Doors That Are Tough to Get into

    According to security experts, sliding glass doors are so loud that most burglars avoid them. They like to open it by sliding it. Place a sawed-off broom handle in the track of your sliding door to prevent it from opening. You may tell your hired professional help like Locksmith Aalst (Slotenmaker Aalst) and get all these done.

    Don't Put Yourself on the Market

    The response machine should not be informed of your absence while you are gone for a week. According to the police, a startling number of burglars will contact your phone number to check whether your home.

    Spending your money by hiring the professionals will help you as they will install the smart lights which will automatically get turned on when it becomes dark. For the sake of not making your house seem deserted, ask a neighbor to pick up your mail and shipments while you are away.