PC Cleaner For Keeping Your System Junk Free

A lot of us keep facing issues with our PC being stuck or hangs during an important meeting, a lot of files and documents stored on the system storage can slow down RAM eventually leading to making the PC slow, weak, and vulnerable enough to hack the PC and here’s where Pc cleaner comes into the picture to keep your system clean and safe from any frauds and take care of system health.

How Does A PC Cleaner Work?

Pc cleaner is a software application developed to take access to system storage and RAM and concentrates on physically cleaning the pc, and most cleaners in the market offer web cleaning and blocking malicious websites. First, let us look into how pc cleaner involves cleaning the disk and physical space of the pc/laptop. This pc cleaner works on removing all unnecessary and residue files downloaded during executive files downloading and many junk files by following these steps

  • Cache memory with unnecessary storage is deleted
  • Usage of RAM is restricted
  • Deleting unnecessary files to create space
  • Scan for malware and delete them
  • Deleting of registry files

All these activities are an integral part of removing junk and making the system less vulnerable to any viruses and RAM gets boosted which helps in maintaining the pc healthy and safe. Pc cleaner runs a few batch files, which is a piece of code/ program, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to check the system health and update if any compromises are found and help in fixing them

What To Expect In RAM Boost?

The RAM boosting is one of the key functionality of pc cleaners. Depending on the RAM of your pc or laptop, the effectiveness of boosting can be experienced. Let us say, for example, if your RAM usage for a 16GB RAM processor, before cleaning is said around 12 GB is used up and after the cleaning, if its take 8GB then the cleaner has successfully boosted RAM. It works differently on different devices such as laptops, desktops, and mobile so scale your expectations carefully.

The same logic applies in the case of disk defragmentation. If your hard disk is fragmented before cleaning by x% and, after cleaning its fragmented by y% (x is greater than y), ok let's not complicate with this math, just imagine fragmentation was around 50% before cleaning and 5% after cleaning means its a benefit and pc cleaner is working at its full potential offering best performance.

 Let us also see what can be the additional facilities apart from storage cleaning and RAM boosting that PC cleaners can do.

Additional Functionalities Of Pc Cleaner

The following additional features are provided by pc cleaner along with cleaning and defragmenting, it also offers below functionalities.

  • Provide anti-virus software for malware and virus protection
  • Blocks hacking or malicious websites and ads.
  • Boosts memory and checks router vulnerabilities.
  • Device wiper to wipe data.

Having a Pc cleaner will help in many ways and you should give it a try.