What Are The Facilities Of The Alcohol Detox Florida Center Of The 1 Solution Detox

    Mathew Philips

    1 Solution Detox provides various kinds of drug detoxification programs. It is the best detox center in South Florida. They also have an alcohol detox florida center in West Palm Beach. That center treats alcohol detoxification.

    1 Solution Detox offers a medical detoxification process to everyone. If the patients try to withdraw alcohol on their own, they may suffer from some deadly symptoms. But with proper medical assistance, they can recover completely.

    The patients get to enjoy a number of facilities at the alcohol detox florida center of the 1 Solution Detox. If you want to get admitted or wish to admit someone else, all you need to do is contact the center and reserve a bed there.

    However, have a look at all the interesting facilities you will find in this detoxification center –

    What are the facilities that the patients will have?

    The patients will enjoy the following facilities here –

    1. All-day long medical assistance

    The medical team of this center is available twenty-four hours every day. All the health technicians and the nurses stay ready to fulfill any needs of the patients. The patients can ask for them at any time.

    1. Various options for entertainment

    This detoxification center is loaded with different kinds of entertainment options. There are common areas, group rooms, a cafeteria, etc. There are also televisions as well as options for digital gaming. Even indoor and outdoor games are also available.

    1. Beds with attached televisions

    Each of the beds in this detoxification center has a TV set attached to it. The TV sets also come with a headphone each. The patients can watch various shows, movies, programs, or whatever they want.

    1. Special beds for better sleep

    The beds of this detoxification center are specially designed. The beds are made with two special components, such as –

    • Memory foam mattresses infused with hybrid green tea gel
    • Regulating sheets

    The beds help the patients to relax and sleep better. And that is a very important factor in the treatment.

    1. Three-time meals

    The detoxification center will provide the patients with three-time meals every day. The patients will get hot and fresh meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food will be prepared based on the food charts of each patient. There are nutritionists who will take care of those food charts.

    1. Individual treatment plan

    Each patient is different from the other. That is why this detoxification center prepares individual treatment plans for every patient. They take the following factors into account for this purpose –

    • The duration of the alcohol abuse.
    • The physical health of the patient.
    • The mental health condition of the patient.

    Since all these factors may differ from patient to patient, an individual treatment plan is necessary.

    The alcohol detox florida center of the 1 Solution Detox takes the utmost care of the patients. They also offer an aftercare plan when the treatment gets over. It helps the patients to live their life in a better way.