All you need to know about different Minecraft servers

    Mathew Philips

    Playing Minecraft is not exclusive to children or teenagers. In fact, it is not unusual for adults to be captivated by this sandbox game. The fact that Mojang Studios are no longer the sole controllers of the game has led to huge changes in the game. Players all over the world can add their touch to the creative game through the best cracked Minecraft servers. Minecraft servers give the game more vibrancy and engagement. If you are curious about the types of servers and how they improve your gaming experience, this article will shed some light on this topic.

    Introducing Minecraft servers

    Minecraft servers are what turn the single-player creative game into a multiplayer competitive one. The majority of Minecraft servers are owned and operated by individual, passionate players. However, businesses can have Minecraft servers too. There are different types and styles of these servers. This way, you can spend a pretty long time exploring them. Generally, there are private servers and public ones. You can join public servers at your wish, but private servers require an invitation to have access.

    Each one of these servers has a unique IP address, which you need to know to search for the servers and connect to them. And each type of Minecraft server features unique characteristics that make each server different.

    An Overview of Minecraft Servers

    Before deciding which server type to pick, you should know the exact nature of each server type. This way, you can find the type that really works for your gaming needs and preferences:

    mini game

    These servers are made for fans of mini games. Through these servers, you can play a series of mini-games with other online players. Capture the Flag is one of the most famous names of the featured Minecraft mini games.


    It is an old style of server, but don’t get this wrong. Old is not bad in this context at all. In fact, these old servers are really popular and have a classic glamor. The majority of these servers offer simple modifications to the offline world. But the objectives, quests, and online challenges make the gameplay really appealing.


    This type of server can resemble survival mode servers in some ways. Yet, the major difference is that you can become a part of a faction or group to fight or attack another faction. You can also mark a piece of land as your territory. This can prevent others from using the land to create any of their own projects.


    If you are tired of the rules, this mode could be a good fit for you. As the name suggests, you can break all the rules and do anything forbidden in other modes. You can, for example, steal or become a grief. Use of disrespectful language is OK in these gaming modes.

    If you want to start your adventure in the sky, Skyblock modes may be what you're looking for. If you are looking for the best Minecraft skyblock servers, you must be interested in survival worlds. Through a decent survival server, you can have access to Skyblock World and enjoy the interactive mini-game.