Why Does a Person Need a Fake Id?

    Mathew Philips

    In most countries, a teenager has to wait either till he becomes 18 or 21 to do the activities which normally an adult does. It includes activities such as drinking, buying alcohol from stores or going to bars, and watching movies. But for that, as mentioned earlier, he has to wait for his legal age. Or else, he can buy a fake id for himself and start enjoying his life without waiting anymore. Although there are many consequences of making a faking Id and is often considered to be illegal, there are multiple benefits associated with this false document as well. The person just needs to make sure to make the false Id from a trustworthy website to get the perfect and realistic-looking Id. In this article, we are going to discuss why a person needs a fake id or the purpose of using them.

    Alcohol Consumption

    For consuming alcohol, a person needs Id. However, if a person is underaged or a teenager then he has to possess a fake Id to buy one. Almost every country has put several age restrictions in terms of alcohol buying and consumption. Having a proper fake id helps a teenager to buy the alcohol as per his choice without getting under the scanner of the government’s laws.

    Party and Enjoyment

    in these modern times, most of the youths are into parties. However, a teenager cannot organize or attend a party in a nightclub. Getting the chance to explore at that age is almost impossible as several nightclubs and bars have age restrictions for entry. But having a fake Id in these cases helps an individual to get access to these places immediately. Although an individual should keep this fact in mind that some bouncers or guards are well experienced and can figure out the differences between a real Id and a fake one. Also, a person should avoid using these fake or false documents in foreign countries to avoid getting into serious trouble.

    Fear of Missing Out

    Fear of missing out or in short FOMO is a disease that is caused due to social anxiety and has claimed the lives of several college and young students. In these cases, a person often gets into severe depression and cannot do other things such as partying or drinking to get relief from these moments. A fake Id might help a person in these cases.


    Besides alcohol consumption and drinking, there are a few countries as well which has put age restrictions in terms of smoking cigarettes or tobacco consumption. If a person has a fake Id, then he can smoke without worrying about facing the consequences of the law.

    Driver’s License

    In many cases, a teenager wants to drive a car by himself which is not possible as countries put an age restriction in this case too. Also, a person may have his driver’s license confiscated or lost and thus a fake Id might come to their rescue. However, it is a temporary solution and should not be used much as the traffic guards are well aware of the differences between a fake and real id and if a person gets caught, he can face severe consequences.